Vacation & Second Home Management

Let Moresi & Associates remove the worries of leaving your home vacant for an extended time.  We are happy to offer concierge management for Berkshire residents that may not live here full time. For residents that head to warmer climates in the winter, our full service contracts offer weekly inspections, snow removal, temperature monitoring, and power failure monitoring. We can winterize your property for you, saving you the hassle of this task before your departure. We also offer fire alarm and burglary alarm monitoring. If you spend your summers elsewhere, we can offer all of the same services as well as lawn maintenance.

We can offer these services on a weekly or monthly basis. We offer 24-hour on call emergency maintenance and have the ability to make most repairs in-house. Moresi & Associates is happy to relieve some of the stress of leaving your home when going on vacation for any length of time.

Contact Carolyn for more information or to obtain a quote for services at (413) 663-8677.